Ohio State ACE News

NOTE: The following is exerpted with permission from the October 8, 2009 National ACE Newsletter:

Ohio State Ace held its first meeting in September to address the local needs and concerns of northern Ohio liquor clubs and adult retail establishments. Eighteen clubs were represented, and Rondee Kamins of GVA represented the bookstore industry. Ohio State Ace has activated the home web page www.ohiostateace.com When asked if the organization was formed in opposition to BACE, the answer was a resounding, “No!”

“Ohio State ACE isn’t in competition with BACE. We simply needed an organization closer to home to address our local needs and issues. We will continue to join BACE in the effort to meet its obligations,” said club owner Frank Spencer.

The regional association consisting of the 18 clubs and GVA believes that this geographically defined organization is better suited to deal with the special needs of liquor clubs in North Ohio. In addition, the GVA bookstore chain has been even further burdened by very restrictive local legislation that Ohio State ACE hopes to address and relieve without burdening BACE.

“I will be contacting the directors of Michigan, Pa. N.J., W.Va., and Indiana in the hopes of forming a North Eastern United States coalition. This, I believe, would give a better national presence and posture to our individual state organizations, “added Spencer. “This coalition, while not sharing revenue would benefit from the synergy of size and information sharing.”

Spencer said the regional association looks forward to working with everyone to keep the adult business industry viable and protected from unnecessary assaults on our livelihoods.